Be Happy and Safe: Online Gaming Security

Online gaming could be refer to any kind of game which is played using the internet or through a computer network. With online gaming, you could play against an individual located in another country. You are able to meet people through online gaming who you would probably never have an opportunity of meeting in your every day life.

More and more people are becoming interested in playing online games for several reasons. Players are able to find other people who match their level of skill, regardless of location. With additional hardware or software, players would be able to communicate with each other during or after an online game.

If you are into online games that require you pay a certain fee, then the biggest questions are often about the security. Many gaming and payment sites require address, credit card and bank information. How do you know if it is safe to share such information.

For starters, many have the secure-encryption technology like the 128 bit SSL digital encryption. With an encryptions technology you do not have to worry about giving your financial details, since this technology is the one used by credit card companies and other major banking institutions. You could even encounter sites that use encryption stronger than the 128 bit-one.

You also have to consider the reliability and popularity of the site. Reliability is important to know that the company would not be abusing your account or financial information in any other way. Very popular online gaming companies are likely to have their reputation behind them when it comes to dealing with processing credit card information. What software companies are we talking about? Look for big providers like PlayTech, Water Logic, Cryptologic, Boss Media, and iGlobal Media.

However, aside from financial risks, there could also be technological risks like worms and viruses that may damage your system. There could also be social risks, there could be some people who uses online gaming to access unprotected computers and eventually make use of the player’s individual information and steal their identity.

But an individual could make use of different methods to ensure that their system and personal information are well protected, like using antivirus and antispyware programs. Using a firewall and creating strong passwords.

Players should also be conscious with how much personal information they are sharing online. Although you may make some strong relationships with other players, you still should exercise caution when it comes to sharing sensitive personal information with other players

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Five Tips to Make Online Games Run Faster On Your Computer

With a high speed internet connection, online games are easily accessible and wide-ranging in choice. However, online gaming often comes with several different technology difficulties that aren’t so noticeable in the offline world. If an internet connection is poor or keeps dropping out this can cause a game to either run slow or not run at all, which can be seriously annoying for the gaming community. Thankfully, there are a variety of fixes that can be put in place to help speed up the performance of a computer for both simple and complex internet-based games, which can range from adjusting the internet connection to updating graphics cards or similar hardware.

Here are some of the steps that can be taken to attempt to avoid performance related issues while playing cool games online –

Internet Connection – when play internet-based games use a wired connection. A set-up using a physical cable to connect the laptop to the router means there is likelihood of signal interference or a downgrade in strength, which could bring a sudden and unexpected halt to a game.

Firewall Software – an overly sensitive firewall can interfere with online-based games. If you run a firewall program on your computer, turn it off or creating a specific exception while you’re playing a game to avoid this potential problem – and remember to switch the firewall back to its original settings after you have finished gaming.

Internet Browser – try a different web browser. If you’re playing browser-based games, the internet browser that is installed on your computer can often have a significant bearing on the performance level and how smoothly a game runs. Popular browsers include Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox – try an alternative to what is already on your computer to see if that makes any difference.

Other Applications – if playing online games it can greatly improve the performance of the computer if other applications or software programs that aren’t in use are closed-down. With multiple applications open the computer has to work harder, which can potentially slow the performance of games, especially those that use a lot of the computers memory resources.

Upgrade Hardware – consider updating or installing the latest graphics card to help with improving gameplay on the more graphic intensive games. A graphic card with high video RAM capabilities means a gaming experience will run faster and smoother. If the performance of the computer’s hardware is poor this can greatly contribute to some of the cool games online lagging, even with a high-performance internet connection.

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